Give Me Just One Minute And I Will Show You Why Your Favorite Self-Help Book Wasted Your Precious Time (And What You Can Do About It)

REVEALED: How An Average Person Unlocked Laser Focus and Achieved His Lifelong Dreams In Record Time.

Something to Think About

Dear Fellow Success-Chaser...

Take just one minute to think about how many self-help books you’ve read… articles you’ve skimmed… or podcasts you’ve listened to.

Now answer me honestly:

Have they gotten you anywhere?

Or are you stuck in a loop of instant gratification? 

Reading books about improvement to make yourself feel like you are actually improving.

How many years has it been since you read your first self-help book?

5 years?

6 years?


Now answer this:

Are you financially free?

Are you a confident and mentally tough individual?

Are you making significant progress in your life?

Be honest with yourself here.

If the answer is “no” to any of these, it may be your lucky day.

The solution to this issue is a book, but not just any book.

(Definitely not a self-help book)

This book… it’s more of a notebook actually, a planner to be specific… contains a system

It is called the 4-Step Success Accelerator

And it will make your lofty ambitions become a reality.

Self-help books are missing one thing – execution.

This is where the Power Planner takes over.


The 4 Step Success Accelerator

It’s simpler than you think…
Step One

Map Out Your Dream Life

It all starts by defining your path. How can you expect to succeed without a clear direction?

Here you will fill in your target routines, goals, and habits while using the blank page to define your life vision and mission.

This. Is. Necessary.

Quarterly Planner Section
Monthly Planner Section
Step Two

Refine Your Path to Success

Narrow down your focus to prevent overwhelm. You have a lot to accomplish in your lifetime. Without a structured plan, you will procrastinate, guaranteed.

Each month you will break down your big goals into smaller focused goals.

Step Three

Dive Even Deeper

Week by week, you will dive deep and figure out your true priorities. This sets you up for consistent success with your efforts.

Reflect on your previous week, commit to improving, and narrow down your focus even further.

Weekly Planner Section
Daily Planner Section
Step Four

Small Actionable Steps

Nobody enjoys being overwhelmed with tasks. Take control of your life by knowing exactly what you should be doing at what time.

Start your day with a healthy dose of gratitude, align your priority tasks with your focus goals, and end the day by emptying your crowded mind.

I Owe This Little Planner my life...

“When I ordered the Power Planner I wasn’t expecting much. It looked cool – that was the main reason I purchased.

After being unemployed for months, I’ve found the energy to turn my life around. My mood has drastically increased, I landed a new job, and lost 20 pounds in the process.

I owe this little planner my life.”

Devan Campbell

Success Stories

Yes, A Little Planner Can Change Your Life

Devin Testimonial
Devin McDermott
Copywriter & Personal Brand
Verified Buyer

"I Have Been LASER Focused On My Priorities"

Since getting the Power Planner I have been LASER focused on my priorities. My goals are more clear, the steps to achieve them are always in view, I reflect on how I can improve more often.

There’s more structure to my life now and my progress towards my desires has accelerated massively.

This thing is awesome, grateful to have picked it up and will definitely be getting more of them. Endorsed.

David Testimonial
David Mendes
Founder – You, Actualized.
Verified Buyer

"I Take This Thing With Me Everywhere"

I take this thing with me everywhere, even on vacation.

The Power Planner has become crucial in keeping my energy and productivity high. It is a reminder of the long game that we are playing.

It reminds me every day of what I need to do to accomplish my lofty goals.

If you are having trouble with focus, procrastination, or productivity… this will help you tremendously.

Mike Testimonial
Mike Smith
Makes Money Appear Out of Thin Air
Verified Buyer

"I Was Unsure Whether I'd Benefit From This Or Not..."

I’m not gonna lie – I was unsure whether I’d benefit from this or not.

I can tell you right now it’s the BEST investment I’ve ever made for myself.

Before I thought I had it all figured out, only to realize I was going through the motions. Having this held me accountable.

My goals and vision have never been more clear (and achievable). This was something I never knew I needed until I had it.

I can’t imagine going through my days now without having it!

Mackenzie Testimonial
Mackenzie Smith
Health & Fitness Coach
Verified Buyer

"My vision is clear in my personal life, business, and relationships..."

Before the Power Planner I used a basic planner from Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong, it helped with organization, but the Power Planner takes it a step further.

My vision is clear in my personal life, business, and relationships – which has boosted my daily mood quite a bit!

I happily recommend this to anyone that is struggling with their direction in life.

start today

You Can Wait For The Perfect Moment, Or You Can Commit

I’ll keep this part short and sweet.

You are the only one that knows your current situation.

Be honest with yourself:

Have you truly made the progress that you’ve wanted to in the last 6 months?

How much longer will you be okay with your current situation in life?

The choice is in your hands.

Start making significant progress towards your dream life, or sit back and wait for the perfect moment (which we both know will never come).

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If you are unsatisfied with your order, we offer free returns and immediate refunds. No questions asked! The planner must be in the condition it was in when received. Writing in the planner or damages will not be eligible for a refund.


Your Questions, Answered

Is this planner undated?

Yes, this planner is undated. You can use it at any time of the year. This allows you to use it at your own pace, you can stretch out its lifespan.

How long will this planner last?

The average lifespan of this planner is 3-6 months. If you use it every single day, it will last a little over 3 months. For maximum effectiveness, it is impossible to include more pages in this planner.

Why is this planner effective?

Unlike other planners, The Power Planner is not just for structuring tasks. It is a proven system used by productivity experts and high performers to keep their life on track.

How long are shipping times?

Domestic shipping in the USA will take 2-7 business days based on your shipping selection. For international shipping, the average shipping time is 7-14 business days (may be delayed due to current world situation). Please allow up to 30 days to receive international orders.


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